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Disposable Cups Making Machine

  • Disposable Foam Cups Making Machine

    Contact NowDisposable Foam Cups Making MachineModel:TH-ECM1100/310 Process Flow: Advantage and Main Features: 1.This EPS foaming cup Production line is used to produce large quantities of hot coffee cup, hot tea cup ,hot soup bowl, noodle tub and other food and beverage packing . 2.Light weight, good rigidity and well heat isolation. 3.Raw...Read More

  • Multifunction Disposable Cups Making Machine

    Contact NowMultifunction Disposable Cups Making MachineModel:THJP-720/420 Process Flow: Advantage: 1.It adopt to all kinds of plastic ,like PP,PS,PE,PET,PVC,ABS and Starch Materials. 2.With many experience ,our machine has advanced than many other company. 3.Our machine Uniform heating, forming stable. 4.We can adjust machines according to your...Read More