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Dispsable Food Container Sheet Extruder Machine

  • PS Foam Sheet Extruder Machine

    Contact NowPS Foam Sheet Extruder MachineModel:TH-105/120 Process Flow: General Polystyrene Granule (GPPS) with additive are mixed in feeding sysytem, then go into No.1 Extruder---Inject foaming agent--After filter changer, material go into N0.2 Extruder--Extruded from mold head --Cooling and Shaping--Hauling off--Winding --Finished...Read More

  • Multifunction Sheet Extruder Making Machine

    Contact NowMultifunction Sheet Extruder Making MachineModel: THJP-110 Process Flow Raw material mixed in mixer→enter extruding machine→go through filter changer material→extruded from mold head→cooling and shaping→Cooling and trimming→hauling off→Winding→finished sheet roll →packing Main technical parameters: 1、Finished product form: single layer...Read More