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PS Foam Sheet Extruder Machine

PS Foam Sheet Extruder Machine
PS Foam Sheet Extruder Machine

Technical Parameters


Process Flow:

General Polystyrene Granule (GPPS) with additive are mixed in feeding sysytem, then go into No.1 Extruder---Inject foaming agent--After filter changer, material go into N0.2 Extruder--Extruded from mold head --Cooling and Shaping--Hauling off--Winding --Finished Products—Packing.

Advantage and Main Features:

1.It adopts Gentian type double-stage series high foam technology.

2.This equipment adopts high speed hydraulic filter changer, which has steady feature, can change the  filter immediately without stopping the machine.

3.The foaming shaping machine adopts PLC control, touch screen operation, easily to operate.

4.The raw material is general polystyrene granule (GPPS). 

5.In the extruding process, foam agent (such as butane gas or LPG) is injected at high pressure.

6.After extruding, foaming, cooling, shaping and hauling off, it is winding to finished ps foam sheet rolls.

7.After vacuum forming system, the finished PS foaming sheet can be made into variety of packaging    vessels ,such as fast food box ,aquatic plate,supermarket tray ,cake tray , KT board ,instant noodle   bowl ,foam tray etc. 

8.It is widely used in the packing for food, fruit, and advertising industrial products, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Machine details:

Finished products:

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